This morning, I went to Hobby Lobby.

Scratch that…WE went to Hobby Lobby. I’m not allowed to go to craft/yarn stores by myself because it’s just a fact that I’ll impulse-buy hundreds of dollars of yarn and other goodies. So we both went to Hobby Lobby this morning, and I saw something.

One of their store brands, Yarn Bee, has what I think is a new yarn. It’s called “Soft & Sleek”, plus the package advertises that it’s “Low-Pill Fiber” which I guess is cool but weird to put on the front of the label. I’m 90% sure that it’s their answer to Vanna’s Choice–a regular medium-weight worsted yarn but squishy and kind of on the thicker side of worsted.

I am obsessed with Vanna’s Choice, but my local Hobby Lobby doesn’t have all that many colors. I was excited to hear about all their new shades recently but I haven’t gotten to try a single one. Life is hard. So if they’re coming out with their own version of Vanna’s, then hell yeah I’m going to support it! Maybe they’ll have a better color selection.

Anyway, it just so happens that I was there to buy some yarn for a crochet-along that I’m starting tomorrow. It’s for a mystery accessory item, I’m thinking probably a wrap or something along those lines. I’m super white and have brown hair, so I look best in jewel tones…I chose this GORGEOUS cranberry wine shade. I literally can’t wait to make something.

Check it out:


Super beautiful, right? I’ve caught myself looking up patterns for it about 5 times already. I know the CAL starts tomorrow, but that’s not right now! Plus I work 9 hours tomorrow so really I won’t get to truly start it until Wednesday, and that’s a whole two days away!

It’s killing me. But I only had to buy this yarn today because the last yarn I already bought for this CAL mysteriously disappeared to another project…it wasn’t the right color for my skin anyway.

I made a gorgeous wrap out of the first yarn but I’ll never wear it because it’s a brighter teal and that just doesn’t work on me. I’ll give it to someone for Christmas. See? It all worked out! I have a Christmas present made already AND I got to pick a better color!

I didn’t have much to share beyond that, I just wanted the rest of you to feel my pain on leaving a new yarn alone for even 48 hours. Let me know if you’ve used this one and if you liked it!


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