Just over a month ago, a friend of a friend of my mother-in-law posted a picture on Facebook of this gorgeous blanket made of circles that look like the classic peppermint candies. You know, these things?


(Obviously not my pic, I’m not that good at photography.)

Anyway, she showed this picture and excitedly said something along the lines of “Oh, if only I knew anyone who could make a blanket like this!”

And my mother-in-law is a total Facebook addict. So of course she saw it. And she immediately told that friend “Hey, my daughter-in-law crochets! She’d be happy to make you one!” and group-messaged me and that friend on Facebook so we could talk about pricing.

I looked up the pattern and bought it because even if this didn’t go through, I maybe would want to make myself one someday. I learned that it’s a big-ass hexagon, and it’s composed of 61 peppermint pieces that you join together as you go. Yep, SIXTY-ONE pieces.

I did not want to take on such a giant project when I’m crumbling under stress at work and at home and just UGH life sucks right now, but I do like money. So I estimated what I would charge based on yarn and time (although I underestimated the time), and I then upped that price by a little bit, sure she would say “ok thanks I’ll think about it” like they all do…because everyone assumes a custom crochet blanket must cost the same as buying a blanket at Target.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. I sent her a message detailing how long it would take me, and my slightly-inflated price. Her answer?

“Sounds great!”

Well, shit. I had one last chance to back out, but then I remembered that I do like money…and need it, of course. Plus I crochet every day anyway, so why not make a nice repetitive blanket with that time?

I agreed, and got half down as a deposit because when people back out on giant stuff like blankets it’s REALLY hard to re-sell them. I absolutely recommend this strategy if you’re selling stuff. It gives you the cash to buy the yarn and a bit of a safety net when they change their minds.

So I bought the yarn, and got started.


Hey, this isn’t so bad! I got three done the first day, and at this rate I’ll be done in just 3 weeks! Which I think is the time I actually told her it would take, but she told me there was no rush, luckily.

It turns out that yeah, on a day off it’s not hard to make 3 pieces. Even 4 on a really good day! But on a day when you work 9 hours or more? And have to do some chores when you get home? And maybe you don’t want to crochet for hours every single day? It’s much harder. Several days I only got one finished. Several days I didn’t make any at all. The progress definitely suffers when this happens, and suddenly I was coming up on a month with only 40-some pieces made.

This is the blanket today, a month and 4 days after I agreed to make it:


So close, and yet so far. I think I’m at 55 pieces done. This pic may be from a few days ago, I don’t even remember anymore. The fifties are all blurring together at this point. I might have ten left, or thirty, or only two. I have absolutely lost my mind.

If you want to make one of these, THINK VERY HARD ABOUT IT. Yes, each piece is fairly quick. Takes me about 30 minutes once I really get going. But do you really have an hour a day to devote to just this project? Because if you do, it’ll still take a MONTH. And that’s if you have the time and you can keep up a steady pace. When I’m also handling household stuff or talking with my husband, it can take me an hour to make one. If you want it done faster, you’ll need to put in two hours or more.

I mean, I’m not trying to scare anyone away or insult the pattern. It’s a wonderfully creative pattern and I’m sure the finished item will be lovely and hopefully appreciated by its owner. I just 100% did not really understand what I was getting into. I want others to be more prepared!

Ok, I’m going to go back to piece 56 now. I’m sooooooo close…but yet not really. And the first clue was released today for my first crochet-along, can’t I do that instead?

Please, learn from my torment and think before you start!


2 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. LOL, we definitely live and learn (and warn people so they don’t have to learn the same things we did!) Your peppermints are lovely, but I can see how it’d be tiresome to work on every day. Keep up the great work! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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