Why do you crochet?

Or knit, or do whatever craft it is that you do.

For me, it’s mostly for stress. I crochet because otherwise I think way too much–am I going to get fired, my husband must be mad at me because he hasn’t spoken in the past 5 minutes (he doesn’t talk much at all but that doesn’t stop my insecure anxiety brain), the cats aren’t making any noise so are they dead?

This whole train of thought gets ANNOYING. So I’ve discovered that when I have yarn in my hands, it’s much calmer! My hands are busy and so is my brain. I’m the type of person who can’t just watch something on TV, I have to be fiddling with my hands. Coloring, or doing a word puzzle, or playing an app on my phone.

All of those strategies were awesome too, but I didn’t have anything to show for them at the end. But with crocheting…I watch several hours of a good show on Netflix, and at the end I have a hat! Or a wrap, or a baby blanket, or currently a colorful hippie kaftan.

Do you know what a kaftan is? I didn’t before tonight, and now I’m making one. Another benefit to this hobby, I’m learning new things!

I bought two balls of Hobby Lobby’s “Urban Chic” DK yarn because I’ve been drooling over it literally for months, and my husband said I could buy ten bucks of yarn today when I needed to run in for yarn needles. I figured it was the best opportunity to finally try this Urban Chic stuff, and it’s totally awesome.

Look, it’s so pretty!


I’d actually been wanting a different colorway that’s gray with I think orange and yellow streaks, but this one called to me and I’m glad I went with it for this project.

Then I couldn’t decide what to make with it…until I stumbled upon this gorgeous pattern called “Glamour Kaftan” from Red Heart. It’s supposed to be made with their Glamour yarn (obviously), the one with sequins in it, but I’m not the type to follow rules so I’m trying it with Urban Chic.

It’s adorable so far, check it out:


See? Really open and meshy, it’s going to be so light and drapey and colorful! It almost appears to have some sparkle, I swear that’s not actually there but I’m pleasantly surprised that it looks that way.

I’ll leave it at that, I need to go to bed before work in the morning…yep, Sunday morning and I have to work instead of the yarn and coffee life like so many of you get to experience. Just drink a cup for me, ok?

Anyway, I got a bit off topic, but please let me know why you chose your hobby and what keeps you going?



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