I finished.

Actually, I finished a few days ago, but I literally haven’t had time to make a post in DAYS. It’s just ridiculous. But I’m off work tonight, I’m off tomorrow, and I finally have some time to relax!!!

Anyway, the first big piece of news is…

My peppermint blanket is DONE!!!!


(Image obviously edited for privacy, in case you thought my face is actually a crudely scribbled smiley face.)

I know it looks a bit silly like this but it’s nearly impossible to show a hexagon blanket properly. Like you literally can’t hold it up correctly in order to show its shape. Believe me, I tried a million different strategies.

Isn’t it beautiful? I know I’m bragging a little, but I’m really impressed with it! The peppermints actually look pretty realistic, it’s obvious what they’re supposed to be. And the border is adorable! It’s this weird technique of doing chain segments but weaving one color around another.

In the end, my final thoughts on this blanket are positive. I think I’d do it again, just not right away.

It took me probably 30+ hours, not including the border.

The cost was maybe $25ish, I don’t remember how many skeins I bought but it was probably about 3 red and 4 white. Definitely cost-effective! Oh, and the pattern was just 5 bucks which is absolutely worth it.

All in all, if I have a few months off, I’d be happy to do this again!


Since then I’ve just been working on my kaftan. I think I’ve shown you guys this before, but it was probably way back at the beginning. Let me show you where I am on it as of a night or two ago:


The kitten model always has to be part of every picture I take…actually, he has to be part of everything I do in general. In fact he’s sitting on my lap right now, yelling at me because I’m not cuddling him enough, or correctly, or something. I don’t even know.

Anyway, the kaftan is nearly done! I only have 9 more rows to go! But I’m out of yarn, and I need to wait for payday to get the final ball because this week was my student loan payment and that’s literally the amount of my paycheck, so…yeah.

Check out the neat stripes in the yarn, though! I really like it. It worked out that there was always 3-4 rows of the peach/orange and then a stripe of the other colors. I like how it’s kind of organized and neat but also it definitely gives the hippie vibe I was wanting with this kaftan.

I’m dying to wear it in about a week once I can buy the last ball!

I think that’s about all the news to share for now. I’m going to get back to snuggling my kitty and watching my husband play Skyrim while I wait for my turn to play. Have a great weekend everyone!


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