I’m going for it.

My husband finally prompted me to take the next step in the crochet world…I’m coming up with my own pattern! I was talking with him about all the people I follow on Facebook and Instagram and related sites, and how much I respect them for coming up with their own original designs! He said “why don’t you do it?”

Well…I don’t know. I wanted to say “I don’t have any good ideas”, but that’s a lie because I have a list saved on my computer of concepts I want to try sometime.

I want to say “I’m not good enough to make stuff up” but at least 3-4 times now a customer has asked me to do something custom (the best example is the guy who wanted an amigurumi of a tooth…with a worm coming out of it) or to recreate something in a picture. Each time I’ve done my best to come up with something and they’ve been happy, so I’m at least okay at coming up with things on my own.

I also want to say “I can’t afford to design my own stuff” but I don’t even know where I got that idea. It’s just yarn. Which I already have lots of. It’s not as if I make half a scarf and decide I don’t like it that I’d have to toss it in the trash. You just undo the stitches and start over again.

So basically he asked “Why not?” and I went through a list of excuses in my head before I decided…

Well, WHY NOT?

So I’m currently on my 4th try of creating something from scratch, and I’m finally completely happy with what’s happening. I tried for a while with the Yarn Bee “Soft & Sleek” that I bought for a CAL that I’m not really following along with. But I tore those attempts out over and over again because I just wasn’t liking them.

Then last night I couldn’t sleep for anything, and in the middle of the night I decided to get out of bed and maybe read something for a little bit before trying to get some sleep. I went into the spare bedroom that’s kind of become my “craft room” and sat on my chair, and noticed my yarn winder.

With an almost-complete Caron Cake…cake on it! I must have had one left over after frogging something and wound it up last week or so (I haven’t had time to hang out in my crafting room lately) and totally forgot about it.

What better yarn to use for a new pattern than a new, very popular yarn? Also with the gorgeous self-striping, even a really simple creation looks fancy.

So I sat back down this morning (off work on a Sunday, I’m so lucky!) and played around again, and something FINALLY felt right.

Check it out:


Gorgeous, right? The texture is just so pretty, and you know that’s like my highest priority in picking a pattern. It has to look pretty and feel pretty for me to really want to make it.

Hopefully I’ll be back in a couple days to actually write out this pattern and publish one for the first time! Wish me luck!


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