The Cappuccino Scarf!


I finished this scarf in a day and I’m so stupidly proud and I’m so excited to show you.

I already shared the “origin story” in the last post, so let me just kind of explain why I did it the way I did.

I love Caron Cakes and how it makes a really simple pattern look all fancy and multicolored, yet the colors are coordinated and look nice together. So I had to use it for my first personal creation.

As for the actual item choice, I knew I wanted either an infinity scarf or a cowl, and I realized with the slow striping of Caron’s yarn that a cowl would be like 2 colors, or a full scarf should hopefully show them all. So that was an easy choice.

For the texture, I wanted a compromise. I don’t normally like the super open, meshy sort of texture. Plus I have kittens so I don’t want something they can get their paws stuck in when I hold them. But I didn’t want it thick and stiff, either.

So I started playing around, and realized I had seen multiple designers use a single crochet/double crochet combo to make a neat bumpy texture, but it doesn’t make an overly drapey fabric (at least with my stitching).

I then tried a double crochet and a half double in the same stitch, and it actually makes a really neat texture!

Look at the close-up, which I think I also shared in the last post:


Super cool, right? (I apologize for photo quality, all I have to work with is a smart phone. When I move up north next year I’ll be in the same town as my father and he’s an amateur photographer with a real camera!)

I really like how the stitches look. It’s open, it’s light, but still a solid fabric that will keep me warm in the winter. So I just kept going until I had a good spread of the colors, and a nice long scarf to wrap twice around my neck!

I love it so much that I couldn’t resist a little “modeling”…(Again, phone pics)

I didn’t mean to have it folded in the full-length picture, but it’s now dark outside so too bad. I’ll maybe see if I can take a better one another day. And look at the wrapped picture, you can see every color at once! It’s really cute and I’m very happy with my first “real” creation.

Here’s the actual pattern written out:

Yarn: Any worsted, but for this I used Caron Cakes in Boston Cream. It used about 2/3rds of the cake, but this may vary depending on how long you want it.

Hook: J hook, 6mm.

Stitches: No special stitches, just half-double crochet and double crochet. Very simple for beginners.

  1. Chain 25. In 3rd chain from hook, HDC. *Skip 1 chain, DC & HDC in same chain.* Repeat across, ending with DC & HDC in the final chain. You should have 12 “clusters” of DC/HDC.
  2. Chain 2, skip first stitch, HDC in next stitch (the final DC of row 1). *Skip next stitch, DC & HDC in next stitch.* You’ll be doing these into each DC of the previous row, essentially. Final DC/HDC will be done in the turning chain.
  3. Repeat row 2 until your desired length! I stopped mine at about 48″ just because the colors matched nicely and that was a good length for me. You can do much shorter for a cowl, or even as an infinity scarf you can play with the length depending on your height.



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