My local yarn store people are geniuses…

Guess what I get to do this evening? In like 45 minutes?

I get to crochet OUTSIDE. Yes, I’m a sheltered individual so this is very exciting to me. I’m attending the event “Stitching Under the Stars” which means everyone brings those folding camping chairs and whatever crochet/knitting project they’re currently working on, and we all just hang out in the parking lot for a few hours and talk and work on our stuff! I’ve never gone before and I’m SUPER excited.

I’ve gone to a couple of their events before and it’s composed of 80% older women (especially in the fall-winter months because for that half of the year, all the old people live down here where it’s warm). But I don’t care, it’s like I have a bunch of sweet grandmas to chat with!

And it’s actually about 75% knitters rather than crocheters. I’m not sure why on that one, I think it’s because the woman in charge of the store only knits so that’s who she makes friends with and invites to this stuff more often. It’s this really cool non-profit store that donates all their money to a church missionary program, and also donates tons of hats and blankets and stuff. I support them whenever I can!

Anyway, I’ve been planning what I want to do for this event forever. I’m not really working on anything big right now, no blankets to speak of. And I finished my current sweater yesterday, I’ll probably be assembling it tonight. Check it out, by the way:


Super pretty, right? I love the deep blue. Plus I’m really white so it’s a very flattering color! I just need to sew it all together!

So anyway, for tonight, I had an idea. That red “Soft & Sleek” yarn that I bought for the CAL that I have basically completely neglected deserves to be used. I may go back to the CAL later on, but for now it’s just not holding my interest. So I have 4 balls of that in my stash, and I stopped by Hobby Lobby today for 4 more…

I’m making a sweater! I found this gorgeous pullover pattern for free on Ravelry, and even though it calls for sort of a tweed/speckled kind of yarn (not really variegated but not a solid color either), I think a nice solid burgundy will look really pretty with it. Plus I’ll be a Midwestern girl again in just 6ish months, so I need to build up my sweater collection again!

So my yarn is all bagged up in a cloth grocery bag, and my phone is charging so I can have the pattern with me. I feel like a little kid waiting for a play date! I’m basically just sitting by the door ready to go.

I know this was a long post without much news, but I guess I wanted to share my excitement and spread a little joy ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get to go to fun local events and make some yarn friends yourself! Have a great weekend!


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