Not a long post today because I’m exhausted and cranky and I want to go to bed!

Here’s a quick update of what I’m working on tonight. It’ll be a color block cowl in the reverse order of this picture (the white at the top):

I love these three colors together. The neutrals are gorgeous and I’m OBSESSED with the red-purple Heartland. Anyway….

I’ve just been thinking tonight about how funny it is that family can be the people we love most of all…but at the same time we want to kill them a little bit. 

Specifically, I’m talking about my husband. I love him, really. I wouldn’t have spent the past 6 years of my life with him if I didn’t (at least I hope so). But damn, he can push my buttons like no one else. In fact, right at this moment, he’s acting out various movie scenes with our two kittens. Loudly. After I’ve asked him about three times now to stop being so loud and distracting. Am I the only one married to a toddler sometimes? I highly doubt it. 

Of course all family does this kind of thing. I haven’t seen my parents in years so they don’t really bother me, but once I move back up north that’ll come back just like when I was a teenager. And someday my kids will drive me insane too.

But that just means we love them even stronger to drown out the frustration…or is that just me?


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