I’m not going to make a cliche post about what I’m thankful for. Yeah, it’s good to remind yourself of, and I really am thankful for many things, but how many times can you read the same thing? Of course I’m thankful for family, and my cats, and food, and all of that. Duh.

I’m having a pretty good day though. We made all the important stuff–a turkey, green beans, and for some reason some macaroni and cheese (with 5 different cheeses!) because my husband considers himself a chef now and he wanted to try it out. I haven’t started on wine yet purely because I only have about a glass or two left and I want to save that for tonight with my homemade flourless chocolate cake!

We’ve already done the cooking, the eating, and the very beginning steps of the cleaning. The dishwasher can only handle so much, but it’s on round 2 of probably 5 or 6…poor thing.

Everyone else is settling into the couch to watch the Dallas Cowboys game, and I honestly could not care less about that. But I do really appreciate the company, with everyone else being in the living room too while I work on my projects.

I’m finally going to tackle the project that has been my white whale…

The custom scarves.

A month and a half ago now, a customer asked me to make a scarf based on a knitted scarf picture she found, on Facebook I’m sure. I’m really starting to hate custom projects that are just recreating something, they’re really not worth it for me. But we live with my husband’s mother, and she’s a Facebook addict, so she’s constantly telling people “I know someone who would be happy to make that for you!” and then basically I’m already committed. I’m going to talk to her about that because now that I’m working on creating my own designs, I don’t have the time anymore. But I’m getting off topic…

Anyway, that’s what happened with these scarves. The customer wanted two in different color combos, and I begrudgingly agreed. The problem is that they’re not regular scarves. They have all kinds of flowers and shit hanging off of the front:


Yeah, for one thing it’s OBVIOUSLY knit, and I told her that I don’t knit. She was like “yeah, but can you make something sort of like this?”. I mean, it’s a basic scarf that fastens in the front somehow so yes, I was willing to figure it out.

But look at all that stuff attached to it! I did my best. I made a bunch of curly bits and did some random chain lengths and I’ll just attach whatever else I can think of.

This is what I came up with:


(More curly bits came later.)

Not bad, right? You can at least see the basic idea is there. I just need to assemble it. This one is green with hot pink accents, and the other is black with a red flower and pieces.

At this point I’m mostly just rambling on to avoid actually working on the scarves, because I’ve had to undo and redo it about a hundred times. That’s why it’s taken me a month and a half, basically. And I just keep putting it off more and more.

So I’m going to sign off for now and actually force myself to work on them. Hopefully I’ll be back later on with finished scarves to show you.


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