I made another thing!

It doesn’t have a name right now, and that’s why I’m coming to you guys.

I don’t have the pattern all properly edited and written out yet, plus I think I just might make it my first paid pattern, so I’m not ready to share it quite yet.

But I wanted to show you guys anyway and see if I can get a little help on what to name it. I’m completely stumped!

Check it out:


A little too bright, but kinda cute, right? I really like it. I’ll definitely do more muted colors next time. I’m thinking purples.

But I really do like how it turned out! All the names I come up with for stuff are not really appropriate for publishing patterns…I’ve given out hats that I named “Clown Barf”, for example.

So I know there’s very little actual content in this post but I have to go to work. Please help me with any idea you can think of on what to name this neon chaotic beauty!



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