A productive-ass day.

It just doesn’t sound right to call it simply “productive”, so pardon my French.

Anyway, today has been super productive.

I finished…

Quinn the Owl (the pattern’s name for her, I’m leaving her actual name up to the customer):


All I was told by the customer was “I love owls, and you pick the best colors so do whatever pattern and color combo you want!” I feel like I definitely fulfilled that request.

Also I finished a laptop case:


Don’t ask why it’s sideways. I flipped the picture a million times at every step but it likes to be sideways, so we’re just going to have to deal with it. Anyway, the case turned out really cute!

I also finished this headband that I started a few days ago:


The cables aren’t supposed to be slanted, but that’s just how it lays when it’s flat. It looks super cute on but I’m not quite comfortable posting selfies on here yet. I’ll find a “model” (friend) someday.

I started on a sweater:


Super adorable, right? I love how it feels. I think this is the right match for this yarn, finally. Yes, I know I’ve said that before but shut up.

And, drumroll please!




I. Finished. The. Scarves.


Boom. Also I know about the top scarf having blue yarn on the buttons. I somehow thought it wouldn’t be noticeable, because I couldn’t find any black yarn to sew them on, but it’s super noticeable. I’ll find some black scraps somewhere and fix that tomorrow.

I’m just so glad to be DONE with those things.

Ok, this was a picture-heavy day but I’m just so proud of finishing all this stuff! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


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