The holiday season

I was going to be ready months ahead this time.

Back in early October I started posting on my “business” Facebook page that if someone wanted bigger items for Christmas they would have to tell me by November because of the time it takes to make big stuff.

In early November, I again posted that if anyone wanted anything made for Christmas, or just warm clothing like hats and scarves in general, that they’d have to tell me ASAP or I might not have time to make it. (We live in Texas so it doesn’t get truly cold until mid-December).

I again posted right around the first of this month that I hadn’t had as many orders as I thought, so there was still a little bit of time if anyone wanted anything.

Just in the last two days, suddenly now I’ve had orders for…

  • 2 dinosaur toys
  • 2 child hats and an adult hat (same customer)
  • 3 hats for a family friend
  • So far, at least two of those “messy bun” hats that are ridiculously popular right now
  • A hat for a coworker

That’s it for now, but I feel like I’m cursing myself saying that.

But at the same time, I definitely appreciate the extra cash while we’re still down to one paycheck for myself and my husband. He has found a job, but it’s at a school so you don’t actually get paid for a while at those places because they often only pay monthly.

I’m not sure what my point is here, but I think it’s mostly to express that I’m simultaneously happy and overwhelmed by all the orders I have going on right now. But that’s just how life works, isn’t it?


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