Confession: I hate those bun hats

I know, right?

To be clear, I do not hate the concept or the actual object. They’re totally freakin’ cute. I don’t personally have enough hair to really make use of one, but I love them on other people.

And of course I don’t hate them existing as a crochet pattern. I mean, how could you? Less than a skein of yarn, only takes a couple hours of work, and you can sell it for $10-20 depending on your general pricing and how much people are willing to pay. Great profit margins.

So why do I hate them?

Because they came into my life at the worst possible time.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because of Christmas. By that I mean both working retail during the holiday season (42 hours on my schedule this week!), and being “that girl who knows how to make this crochet stuff” during the holiday season.

My mother-in-law is a major Facebook addict, and she’s lived in this city for 20+ years plus worked in a school for nearly that many years. So she knows EVERYBODY. And she likes to “help” me with my business by posting everything I make on her own page.

That’s awesome, right?

Yeah, not this time of year. I keep telling her (and have put such a notice on my crochet page) that I can’t take orders right now because I’m booked up. She understands, but then still puts the pic up on her page and says “my daughter-in-law would be happy to make you one, just message her!”

She says that they may not want it for Christmas so if I just explain that it won’t be done by then, it’s fine! But no one is thinking January right now, they’re all wanting Christmas gifts! And I have to keep turning them down!

So anyway…back to my original point. Why do I hate the messy bun hats?

Because now in addition to 5-8 messages a day of “I have seven grandkids and I want custom hats for all of them by this weekend please” that I have to turn down, now I’m also getting another 10 or so of “I keep seeing pictures of these bun hat things, can you make me one?”.

And I WANT TO! They’re fun (I tried one for the hell of it), they’re quick, and they’re such a great profit margin. But did they really need to pop up in December of all months? I live in Texas, so by the time the holiday season is over, no one is going to want them anymore because it’ll be 80-90 degrees again.

Please, bun hats, just disappear for a little while and then come back in the spring. Please?


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