Christmas is over! Yay!

No, I’m not a holiday-hater.

I mean, I do find it kind of hard to get into the spirit in this time of my life, and that’s not just because I’m in my mid-20s and stuck in that awkward “not a kid anymore but no kids of my own yet” stage. It’s also because I live literally across the country from all of my family and haven’t seen my own parents in over 2 years.

Plus I grew up in the Midwest, so it never feels like Christmas without snow or at the very least, temperatures below 70 degrees. I believe it was 88 this year, and I almost cried.

But I’m getting way off topic. No, I do not hate Christmas or any of its related holidays. I love them.

However, and this is both good and bad, this was the first year in which my holiday season was absolutely insane with orders. It was tough because I also needed to spend some time actually celebrating, and I had my own family gifts to take care of, and of course I wanted to actually sit down once in a while!

But it was nice because it means people are starting to like my products! I have a customer now who has ordered two child hats, an adult hat/scarf set, and now she wants another set at least! (I just delivered her scarf this morning!)

Over this holiday season, I completed…

1 peppermint blanket (you guys remember that one, right?)

2 child-size hats

5 adult beanies

4 bun hats

2 laptop cases

4 adult elf hats

3 cowls

3 stuffed dinosaurs, and

1 triangle scarf/wrap thing.

I’m sure that’s not a complete list by any stretch, but it should give you an idea.

This is why I’m exhausted. But it earned me enough cash that I’m ordering my husband a custom handmade walnut cookbook stand for his birthday this week! It’s from a custom woodworking guy I follow on Instagram, I’ve always wanted to order something from him to support a small business.

I don’t really have a point today, it was more to just emphasize that the Christmas season is OVER and I can hopefully return to more regular updates soon.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays so far and that you continue to enjoy the rest of them!


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