I finally found it.

A pattern that I truly, really like with Caron Cakes.

I’ve been really struggling with this dilemma. I absolutely LOVE the look of the Caron Cakes, I love their colors, I love the concept.

But I don’t often make large things like shawls or blankets, and in any smaller item like a hat, all the Cakes really do is divide the item into 2-3 color chunks. It’s cute, but kind of just “meh” in my opinion. (No disrespect to the many people who have created these patterns! I’d just rather have the hat/gloves/whatever be one color or more variegated.)

I even made a pattern for the Cakes that I love (remember my Cappuccino Scarf?), but I’m only 90% happy with it.

But now I’ve found it. My mom sent me 4 Caron Cakes for Christmas (I still need to send her present, I’m a bad daughter) and I was trying to find something to do with them without having to buy more of each color. It took me like two days of Ravelry searching and constant starting/frogging of various projects until I realized…

It turns out that those granny-triangle scarves that I’ve seen everywhere and never actually tried, are actually super cute! Check out the ones I’ve already made below:


Yes, I need a friend to either model or take the pics for me. I know. I don’t have another option right now so I’m my own model!

Check out these gorgeous creations, though. That neutral one is probably my favorite of the two, which is weird for me. I normally don’t go for earthy colors or mild neutrals, but wow. And that bright one seems like it turned out so much larger, even though it’s only one extra row!

So that’s my favorite discovery lately. What have you done with just one single Caron Cake? I have two more to use up! (Although I might just make two more of these!)



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