It’s starting to feel real

First, this is not really a crochet-focused entry. Sorry. But I have no real progress to show since my vest! Which, by the way, is totally awesome. I wore it out in public for the first time yesterday and it was super cute.

But all I’ve been working on since then is a sweater, and damn is it going SLOWLY. It’s the stitch, it’s a very dense/textured one. It’s adorable, but takes forever. I’ve been working on it for a few days now and I’m only just starting to get near the end of the first sleeve. To be fair, I say “days” but really that just means maybe two hours total between work and sleeping. This job is going to kill me. But I’ll stop rambling now.

You should check out the sweater, though. It’s called the “Spencer Sweater”. It’s kind of a pricey pattern at $7.50 but with how much work is involved I think it’s worth the price. Check it out right here on Ravelry! (This is not at all any kind of endorsement or anything, I’m just really excited about this pattern and want other people to see it.)

Anyway. What I wanted to talk about is how it’s finally starting to feel REAL that I’ll be moving across the country this August. A few times since we moved down here, we’ve made commitments to move back up north, but then my husband would always change his mind or admit that he didn’t really want to move away from Texas. But last fall, I finally sat down and told him that I’ll live back up in the Midwest someday no matter what, and I’d obviously like that to be with him and our future family.

So he finally gave in and we’ve been planning to move by the end of this calendar year. It wasn’t until the new year started that it suddenly hit us, though. Before that we were stashing away a hundred bucks here and there when we could afford it, but we had planned to move so many times before that it was hard to feel like it was really happening.

Now that it’s 6 months away? We’re getting very serious. At least a hundred bucks a week, often more, is being put away. I’m shopping around for places we can rent. I have no idea when it’s appropriate to start applying for jobs but I’ll start that as soon as I can.

I’m just really excited and wanted to tell someone. By this coming fall, I’ll be living near my parents again! I haven’t seen my family in nearly 3 years now and I can’t take it anymore. I’m dying to hug them again.

That’s about all I wanted to say. Sorry it’s not a very exciting post this time. But I hope someone out there can relate and is also excited for an upcoming move…or if you’re where I was just a year ago, getting really frustrated about not having a concrete plan, just be honest about it. Make plans! Make it happen! You can do it.

Now get back to crocheting/knitting, because that’s what I’m going to do! Go make some stuff and have fun!!!

I just want to remind you to please check out my recent pattern, the Hippie Fringe Vest, if you’re interested. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel real

    1. It is very exciting!! I’m glad your daughter is experiencing being further away too…I don’t regret moving away (5 years ago). The only thing I regret is not having a concrete plan on when/how to move back, because I always knew I want my future kids to grow up with my parents and brothers in the picture. I hope you get to talk to her often!

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