My newfound addiction

A coworker of mine is pregnant. Which is totally awesome. I wouldn’t say we’re very close, but we definitely hang out while working and I was one of the first people at work she told about her pregnancy. (Because I work with the vitamins and she needed advice, but still.)

Of course, I wanted to make her a baby blanket. Honestly, I don’t think she was expecting it. We were talking one day and she mentioned how she was going to find out the gender of the baby in a couple of days, and I said something like “Let me know, because I want to make a blanket for you” and she looked really confused. I’m not sure she was planning to invite me to the baby shower or anything, and I really don’t care if she doesn’t. I’ll just hand her the blanket at work…I just really needed an excuse to make a baby blanket!

I looked through my long list of “someday patterns” and found several that I wanted to make, but one specific pattern was calling my name. This baby owl corner-to-corner pattern by Red Heart. I love owls anyway, so this one just kept coming back into my list. I didn’t really want to do a C2C, because I’m not usually a fan of them, but I finally caved and went for it.

Here’s my finished product:


Yes, it’s kind of lumpy-looking. I probably need to block it but I’m trying to figure out how to block something that big. Ignore that part and just look at the adorable owl!

Unfortunately (or maybe not), this has started a full-blown addiction for me. Hours after I finished the owl blanket, I grabbed some grid paper and started messing around with various C2C pictures I wanted to make.

This was yesterday’s creation:

Ice Cream

I wanted an ice cream cone, but not a normal one. That’s too boring. So I made a more realistic one that’s making a mess everywhere! I think it’s going to be a pillow, once I buy the correct size pillow form.

And I can’t stop. There are several more graphs floating around in my head and in the notebook of grid paper. I’m kind of wanting an entire set of messy food pillows…I feel like that could be adorable.

Be honest, though. Do you like the ice cream one? I really do, and it’s getting decent feedback on Instagram, but I want honest opinions! Constructive, of course, but tell me what you really feel. Is my “messy food” set a dumb idea? Or do you have ideas of what I could do with it? Any advice helps!


2 thoughts on “My newfound addiction

  1. That owl is so cute! I like the messy food idea – why not – the messy ice cream cone made me smile and I recognized what you were going for with the melted ice cream dripping and puddling. I think it would be a super cute idea for kid’s room or play room pillows and blankets. Heck, for adults too – why not! 😀


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