A milestone!

I know, two posts in one day? Who am I?

I’m just really excited because earlier today I noticed I was at nearly 500 followers on Instagram…and tonight as I was scrolling through, the number went up to the big 500!!

I have no idea how that happened. I don’t take professional photos, I don’t go crazy on the tags, and I definitely don’t do giveaways or similar things to increase followers. I think it’s just that I post waaaaayyyyy too much…and I’m not ashamed of it! I love to share pictures of what I’m doing because that’s how I find projects–I look at what other people are doing and go, “I want to make that too!” So if I share what I’m working on, other people will want to make that, and it’s just an endless cycle of yarn and happiness. I love it.

I know 500 isn’t THAT big of a number, but it’s still a really freaking cool number and I wanted to share!!


Settling in, just in time

I got so caught up in moving preparations, and then the actual move…I’ve totally neglected this blog. Oops.

Now that we’ve been in our new Michigan home for nearly 2 months, I’m finally starting to feel like life is settling into a pattern again. We have nearly everything we need for our apartment, I’m getting better at my new job, and we’ve successfully paid rent twice now with relative ease. I think this town is going to be home for quite a while. Let me catch you up on the 6-ish months since I’ve been on here.

  1. Obviously, we’ve moved. We found a great apartment in a town that’s near a larger city, but our apartment complex is in a quieter area of town. Just a few minutes away we have all the big shopping centers and a giant grocery store, but back in our neighborhood it feels like small town life, just like where I grew up. Both myself and my husband are very happy we moved.

    The sign that heralded the end! 4 days on the road, 1500 miles, and our whole lives packed up into boxes. This sign was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life.
  2. I now live only about 45 minutes from my parents and little brothers! We’ve been going over to my parents’ house for dinner most Friday evenings since we arrived, but that’s probably going to cool down to every other week. I’m just taking advantage of being able to see them again!
  3. I now work in a bakery, so I come home every day covered in flour and never wanting to see a cookie again. But then I usually eat a cookie anyway.
  4. I am SO EXCITED to experience my first real fall/winter seasons in more than 5 years. I need to buy warm clothing again!

I think that’s about everything to catch up on! I won’t ramble on forever about every project I’ve worked on in the meantime, so let me just show you my current favorite WIP.

A week ago or so, my phone went off with a notification from the Michael’s app. They had a sale on most of their yarn. PLUS a coupon that applied to all regular and sale items. PLUS a coupon on yarn. So I bribed my husband to get him to go–we found a used video game/movie store nearby, which means if I want anything for myself then we usually go there and get him a game or two. I don’t mind because I can pick up some great used movies while we’re there for just a couple bucks!

Anyway, because of this wonderful coupon combination, the Caron Big Cakes that I had wanted to try for months worked out to about 4 bucks each instead of 9.99. Naturally, I had to buy 4.

This colorway is called “Plum Pudding”. I don’t see the name inspiration there, but I love it just the same!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I hadn’t seen this colorway before. You know me, jewel tones are life, so I just HAD to get this one. I had no plans for it beyond “Probably a blanket maybe, perhaps?”

After hours of Ravelry-searching that night (I’m not kidding, I chose a pattern about twenty times but never actually started one), I came across one pattern that I’d had my eyes on for a while. The Crochet Crowd’s “Modern Granny Afghan”.

It’s similar in concept to a granny square, except it’s not really the same at all. I typed out an explanation several times but I just can’t put it into words. Essentially instead of alternating chunks of double crochet, you’re putting them directly on top of each other but with chain spaces in the row in between. Just look it up, I’m not doing the concept justice. Some people call the stitch “brick stitch”, I’ve heard. Or “stacked granny”. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a fun twist on the traditional granny square idea, plus this one is in a rectangle instead of a square so it’s more of a blanket shape at the end.

I’m currently about 1 and a quarter “Big Cakes” in, and it’s about 25 by 35 inches. I believe the finished product is supposed to be about 55 by 65 according to the pattern, but obviously you can make it any size you want. I don’t know how far I’m going to go, but I’ll definitely have to stop at the end of the 4th cake no matter what. I’ve put enough money into this blanket even counting the coupons! I think I’ll be giving it to someone for Christmas, but I don’t know who just yet.

Here’s where I am at the moment with it:


Just gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s perfect for fall.

Okay, I think that’s enough rambling for today. I hope to give you more updates in the next few days on everything going on in life! Have a wonderful weekend.