A milestone!

I know, two posts in one day? Who am I?

I’m just really excited because earlier today I noticed I was at nearly 500 followers on Instagram…and tonight as I was scrolling through, the number went up to the big 500!!

I have no idea how that happened. I don’t take professional photos, I don’t go crazy on the tags, and I definitely don’t do giveaways or similar things to increase followers. I think it’s just that I post waaaaayyyyy too much…and I’m not ashamed of it! I love to share pictures of what I’m doing because that’s how I find projects–I look at what other people are doing and go, “I want to make that too!” So if I share what I’m working on, other people will want to make that, and it’s just an endless cycle of yarn and happiness. I love it.

I know 500 isn’t THAT big of a number, but it’s still a really freaking cool number and I wanted to share!!


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